Clearstream launches new Liquidity Alliance front end

The new browser-based front end will enable customers of The Liquidity Alliance members to benefit from significant enhancements which will further increase their collateral efficiency
ASX (Australia), Cetip (Brazil), Clearstream (Luxembourg), Iberclear (Spain) and Strate (South Africa) roll out a new version of their common, white-labelled solution
State-of-the-art functionalities include tailor-made baskets and full eligibility view
The Liquidity Alliance, the global association of market infrastructures delivering collateral management services to their markets through a common platform, has rolled out a new browser-based customer front end. The new front end delivers enhanced transparency and further advanced management tools for the collateral transactions included in the services of The Liquidity Alliance members. In addition, there will be much more flexibility to adapt the solution to new customer needs surfacing over time.
The new front end provides The Liquidity Alliance customers with a clear, comprehensive overview of all their collateral management positions and activities. All information is readily available at a glance in real-time. Collateral receivers are now able to view all their collateral profiles throughout the entire lifecycle of a trade, while collateral givers will have a consolidated overview of eligibility criteria and concentration limits for all baskets for active contracts across all counterparties.
The Liquidity Alliance members can now offer their customers greater flexibility thanks to rule-based collateral baskets instead of having to rely on more static templates. By mixing and matching a wide choice of parameters for collateral eligibility, haircuts and concentration limits, customers can fine-tune their risk profiles. This makes it easier for customers to react to market changes in the current fast-paced environment. The new baskets are available for all collateral management services offered by The Liquidity Alliance.
Anthony van Eden, Strate, said: “This upgrade to the front end solution for our collateral management services enables us to offer customers new services such as eligibility viewing and repo simulations. The Liquidity Alliance has helped us to quickly implement state-of-the art collateral solutions for the South African market.”
Philippe Seyll, co-CEO of Clearstream Banking and Head of Global Securities Financing, said: “These new functionalities further boost the leading collateral management solution used by The Liquidity Alliance. Its unique flexibility makes it suitable for all markets as it can be adapted to local volumes and regulatory requirements.”

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