Corvil’s applying machine learning on network data for electronic trading businesses

Corvil announced its “Intelligence Hub” for electronic trading businesses, which applies machine learning and big data analytics to business data captured from networks. The Hub accurately identifies anomalies, triages areas of greatest concern, and has capabilities to predict conditions for improved planning, according to a company statement. It is currently in use by early adopter customers and will be generally available later this summer.

“Intelligence Hub has enabled us to quickly see the business how we need to, understanding important activity about customers, how they are experiencing our service, and why,” said a Managing Director at a Global Bank in a statement.  “From improving customer engagement and outcomes to increasing operational efficiency and providing better intelligence for business decisions, this new level of insight has become imperative to running our business.”

The firm’s analytics engines provide a rich, precision-sequenced, and normalized source of data from network communications, creating a dataset for AI application, which the Hub ingests along with external data sources and, by correlating performance anomalies, highlights areas for action. There’s a full record and traceable links to source data, which is also stored for forensics and compliance purposes.

Intelligence Hub also provides visualizations, which means that multiple teams (individual desks, IT operations, network, security, risk and compliance, etc.) can see, explore, and perform multidimensional analyses of the information of greatest relevance and share findings in a consumable manner. It can be deployed on hardware or in the cloud, and scales to business size.

Read the full release

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