Finadium: Collateral Management Technology Vendors in 2023: A Finadium Survey

The collateral management solutions market continues to lead efforts to integrate data from multiple sources and help users make better decisions. Finadium’s eighth survey of collateral management vendors invited every known firm in the market to complete a request for information (RFI) on their products and projects. We analyzed the results to form an industry-wide view of vendor activity and provide a directory of all participating firms.

The leading theme of this year’s survey is a focus on the user experience and collateral processing. Vendors have worked to understand their clients’ behavior and designed their systems to make that work easier and faster. In an era of reduced headcount and at times difficulty in identifying the right person to hire, having better collateral tools means less work for each individual employee. Collateral solutions were always on this development path, but more vendor respondents this year, serving more diverse types of clients, note that this has been a focus of their product efforts over the last year. There will also always be an element of blocking and tackling to meet the next demand for regulatory data or margin automation: as an ISLA panelist noted in June 2023, it is critical to solve the small challenges like trade date discrepancies so as not to have bigger problems down the line. Solutions vendors know this and are actively responding in their collateral processing efforts.

This year’s survey covers 40 individual products at 22 firms. The number of firms in the collateral space continues to expand with new ones added every year and some leaving the market. A decade ago, we could identify only 10 vendors with something called a collateral management solution. While some vendors have come and gone, the collateral technology space remains full of new ideas, with Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technology solutions now in use across the industry.

The survey provides readers with a product summary and coverage, market differentiators, new functionalities added in the last year, and upcoming development plans. On an industry-wide basis, we analyze the important new features that vendors are adding, what problems their clients are trying to solve and which clients are actually using the services of collateral technology providers.

The results of this survey are useful to financial market professionals in front office, operations and technology, who are working to evaluate the vendor landscape. They may also be useful to investors in financial technology and to the vendors themselves in assessing their competitive positioning.

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