Finadium: Collateral Management Technology Vendor Survey 2021

Finadium has conducted its seventh industry-wide survey of collateral management technology vendors, providing a comparative look at the development of this sector, and focusing exclusively on vendors providing technology to a bank or buy-side user as a dedicated service.

This year’s survey covers 37 individual products at 22 firms. The number of firms in the collateral space continues to expand with new ones added every year and some leaving the market. Eight years ago, we could identify only 10 vendors with something called a collateral management solution. This year’s survey includes two firms that just launched in the last year. We spoke with five others that were also newly launched but not ready to participate in the survey. This suggests that the collateral technology space remains full of new ideas.

The big theme in this year’s survey is a push towards new services and technologies that have the potential to offer a rush of innovation for vendors, their clients and the markets as a whole. Clients still want the same things: workflow automation; Straight-through Processing (STP); cost management; and regulatory compliance. Vendors are now taking these requirements to the next level by employing technologies like artificial intelligence, open APIs and additional scenario modeling tools to help clients speed their processes and digest the right information. This is advancing the abilities of clients to do more in their workday.

Finadium has surveyed every vendor in the collateral space that we could identify. This is not a pay-to-play report but rather an effort to capture the full scope and breadth of industry activity.

The survey provides readers with a product summary and coverage, market differentiators, new functionalities added in the last year, and upcoming development plans. On an industry-wide basis, we analyze the important new features that vendors are adding, what problems their clients are trying to solve and how vendors are applying technologies from outside financial services.

This report should be read by financial market professionals in front office, operations, and technology, who are evaluating the vendor landscape. The industry analysis section contains our summary of what is happening in the space across all the firms surveyed. The individual listings are a buyer’s guide to speed up the due diligence process. The report may also be useful to investors in financial technology and to vendors themselves in assessing their competitive positioning.

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For non-subscribers, more information is available here.

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