Pico joins Japan Exchange Group co-location ecosystem

Pico, the leading provider of technology services for the financial markets community, announced further APAC expansion with the launch of a new managed co-location facility for Japan Exchange Group. Moreover, Pico also becomes a JPX distributor of TSE and OSE market data.

As the third largest exchange in the world, JPX operates financial instruments exchange markets to provide market participants with reliable venues for trading listed securities and derivatives instruments. In addition to providing market infrastructure and market data, JPX also provides clearing and settlement services through a central counterparty and conducts trading oversight to maintain the integrity of the markets.

Pico operates and maintains co-located infrastructure in more than 40 of the world’s most important financial data centers. Adding the JPX facility achieves a significant milestone in the firm’s strategy to have a globally comprehensive presence in all financial service data centers, and marketplaces.

In joining the JPX Co-Location Ecosystem, Pico will offer technology services to financial markets firms who demand cutting-edge solutions delivered quickly and accurately but also require flexibility and agility to respond to ever-changing market conditions. Pico will bring expertise as an infrastructure, connectivity, data, analytics and cloud technology provider coupled with its resilient and expansive global network to create market-leading global solutions.

Pico has connected the location to its private low-latency proprietary, which ensures the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites and is supported by Pico’s Corvil Analytics, which provides real-time visibility and intelligence to assure speed, transparency, and compliance.

The PicoNet backbone will provide low-latency access to TSE and OSE market data with direct access. In addition, PicoNet will provide a network to transport JPX market data and information to clients in the Americas and Europe where there is growing demand. The Pico co-located infrastructure at the JPX facility will be supported by experienced, on-site Intellihands staff, while the Pico Service Operations team, which covers every region in the world, will maintain 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting.

Roland Hamann, Pico managing director, said in a statement: “Being directly located at all important liquidity venues globally is key to moving fast and succeeding in today’s competitive landscape. Joining the world-class JPX ecosystem in its newest co-location buildout phase, marks a significant milestone in Pico’s global expansion and reinforces our strong commitment to the region. We would like to thank our partners at JPX for their hospitality and support during our smooth onboarding.”

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