TORA launches equity pairs FX auto hedge solution for risk arb trading

TORA has announced the release of an FX auto-hedging function for equity pairs trading. The FX function offers automatic hedging for clients’ cross-currency equity pairs and equity derivatives trading.

Traditionally, risk arb traders have managed multicurrency spread orders using specialized algos in one system, and another separate system to manage their corresponding FX risk. Using several different applications and/or spreadsheets can be incredibly time-consuming for the trader to calculate, maintain and update several times throughout the trading day. It can also result in imperfect FX hedging and, in certain scenarios, poses operational risk of significant mishedging.

Ovidiu Campean, global head of Product at TORA, said in a statement: “As the equity orders begin to fill, the algo calculates the live FX exposure and creates orders to maintain the FX hedge. An added benefit of the solution is that the trader is not tied to executing the FX hedging orders with the same broker as the equity orders.”

The system captures all transactional information on the pairs orders within the TORA OEMS and gives the trading desk a single holistic view of all activity in one place. The multi-region pairs algo suite is available natively in the TORA multi-asset OEMS used by many global buy and sell-side investment firms. TORA clients can manage the risk on pairs orders with unrivalled levels of granularity and control, in a variety of ways, aggression levels and execution styles.

TORA’s cloud-based OEMS was one of the first to launch 13 years ago, and is used for portfolio rebalancing, pre-trade and post-trade TCA to improve execution quality combined with post-trade allocations and commission management tools. The OEMS is multi-asset, multi-region, compliant with MiFID II, and provides detailed reports and analytics.

Read the full release

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