Velocimetrics signs up exchange for 100Gbps monitoring

Velocimetrics, a Beeks Financial Cloud company has onboarded an exchange as its first client requiring monitoring at 100Gbps across the entire trading platform. The 100Gbps monitoring technology is 10x faster and allows up to 10x data volumes compared to conventional technology.

Velocimetrics’ software is high-performance in bandwidth and speed and identifies latency issues across the whole trading technology stack. The exchange can monitor systems effectively across multiple locations in the network.

Steve Colwill, founder of Velocimetrics, said in a statement: “Being able to manage large volumes of data, at 10 times current speeds, is of very real benefit for trading platforms, especially in these high-volatility, high-volume trading conditions.”

VMX EndToEnd platform is a real-time data collection and analysis tool, for financial firms to collect and pre-process the ever-increasing volumes of financial data. VMX’s independent monitoring and tracking system aggregates all visibility points and is able to generate real-time insights into network, application and trade flows. This shows businesses exactly where every transaction has been at all times and how they relate to each other, i.e. data lineage which, in turn, generates instantaneous, real, actionable business intelligence.

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