Webinar poll results on OTC derivatives end-users, clearing and collateral

Finadium and Calypso held our webinar on OTC derivatives, end-users, clearing and collateral yesterday with an excellent attendee turnout. As part of the webinar we asked four poll questions on the future of this market.

First, we asked if webinar participants were concerned about the business profitability of OTC derivatives. 42% said that they were very concerned while 36% said that they were somewhat concerned, a total of 78% of the group. Only 4% said that they were not concerned at all.

Second, we asked what the most important decision firms faced next in OTC derivatives. The response from 44% of participants was collateral optimization, followed by trade reporting at 20%.

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Third, we asked how soon collateral optimization would become a priority for OTC derivatives end-users. 74% of participants thought the right timeline was between three months and two years (we think it is three months to one year).

Lastly, we asked if important portfolio margining would ultimately add value to OTC derivatives end-users. The consensus was clear: 92% of respondents thought that portfolio margining would ultimately be important even if it wasn’t the case today.


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Our thanks to the webinar attendees and Calypso for an informative and engaging discussion.

If you haven’t yet read the Finadium report, “Large OTC Derivatives End-Users on Clearing and Collateral: A Finadium Survey,” you can get it here courtesy of Calypso.


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