WEF releases CBDC toolkit for policymakers

The World Economic Forum’s Central Bank Digital Currency Policymaker Toolkit seeks to address the need for a concise, high‑level CBDC decision framework that provides comprehensive and risk‑aware information to policymakers, and helps policymakers within central banks to confidently evaluate whether CBDC is appropriate for their economy.

The document serves as a guide to ensure that any CBDC deployment is cautious and fully considers alternative solutions, risks, deployment and governance strategies, multistakeholder input and other salient factors. Notably, it is intended to serve as a complement to additional research that any policymaker considering CBDC should conduct.

In the development of this framework, the Forum has taken a global and multisector view, drawing input from its unique global community of CBDC experts and researchers, and developing an approach that is equally suitable for policy‑makers in developed or emerging economies.

Furthermore, the toolkit can serve as a springboard to a community of practice and experience exchange within the World Economic Forum network as central banks progress with their CBDC investigation and development.  Prior to crafting toolkit, the Forum convened central bank researchers and policymakers from more than 45 countries to guide its project work related to central banks, CBDC and distributed ledger technology.

Read the full toolkit

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