Finadium: Business Update on Banks in Quantum Computing

This research note provides an update on what banks are doing in the quantum space and how they view its opportunities. We spoke with market participants and tracked the investment numbers to gain a picture of how much money banks are spending and report on recent conversations that may suggest strategic directions. While an easy conclusion is that “it’s too soon to tell what the promise of quantum really means,” a more nuanced view suggests specific milestones that quantum might meet to be genuinely applicable to the banking industry.

Banks have become interested in quantum computing, and announcements of high profile investments and consortia continue to arrive. But what is the objective? Quantum computing has been shown effective at solving discreet problems like collateral optimization and for dissecting large volumes of unstructured data. Is this enough though to warrant what may become $1 billion worth of investment over the next five years? Or is something bigger than solving a business problem happening?

Quantum computing presents an exciting opportunity for technological advancement… and a serious cryptography threat that can make today’s financial service protections look like cardboard. Banks recognize both sides of the coin and are making strategic investments to get ahead.

In this research note, Finadium spoke with 20 vendors and banks in the second half of 2021 to learn what in fact banks were doing, what projects they were working on and what defined objectives they have in the quantum space. The results are provided in this business update.

This report should be read by innovation, technology and security professionals interested in the current state of quantum investments and project work. It is also useful reading for a generalist audience looking ahead at technology and security trends across the investments industry.

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